How Do You Best Play a Free Slots App? We Have Answers For You

You might already be aware that not all free slots apps are made alike. In any case, finding the best free slots app is even more tricky. There are just so many out there, how on earth are you meant to know which is ‘the best’?! Well, you’re in luck. We’ve done all of the hard work for you, bringing you the best of the best of all the free casino slots apps online, for both Android and iOS.

What You Need to Look For in a Free Casino Slots App

We totally get where you’re coming from, as we’ve been there and done all of that ourselves: that seemingly endless search for something that’s not just a really great app to play, but a free casino slots app, which for some reason seems more difficult to find. Every one of the so-called ‘best’ free casino slots apps on the Play and App stores just seem to be offering the same things over and over again. But, we ask — for those of us who want more out of our jackpots slots apps, what else is out there waiting for us? Slotomania remain pioneers of the industry, after over 10 years of refining the game, it is one of the true originals. Many of the competitors have adopted the similar features and techniques as Slotomania, simply because you cannot beat the best. Yes, really! Slotomania are always at the forefront of innovation, mixed with fun and excitement with every new game and feature release. What we created, and what we’re proud to bring to you, is the fruit of our labors and our experience: Slotomania.

Slotomania: The Best Casino Slots App* (And it’s Free to Play!)

When we sat down and thought about what we needed to see in any free casinos slots app we wanted to play, we knew there had to be several things:
• For it to be truly free, without hitting a paywall
• For it to have loads of very generous bonuses
• For it to offer truly the best selection of any games of any free slots app
• For it to have a range of fun mini-games and activities other than just slots
Slotomania does everything on our list and more! And speaking of which:

How to Play the Best Free Slots App of All Time

Slotomania is both the App Store and the Play Store’s number 1 free slots app* for a reason. It truly is the best of the best free slots app you can find because of everything it has to offer. It comes down to several things that you need to know about and understand in order to get the best from any classic slots app, as well as knowing how to play:

Bonuses galore

Slotomania has been at the top of the best slots app for Android and best slots app for iPhone for a long time now and there’s a clear reason why: it’s super generous to every player, whether they’ve just downloaded the app or they’re a regular player! Just for downloading the app, you’ll be given 1 million coins absolutely free… and then will receive even more free coins every 3 hours. On. The. Dot. What’s not to love? And that’s before you enjoy all the other awesome goodies coming your way. The game is packed with easy ways to pick up Free Coins throughout many of the amazing features. Slotomania also treats their players to multiple channels of Free Coins across their social networks every single day. Up to 6 Free Coin links can be found on The Slotomania Facebook Fan Page, as well as daily links on their Instagram channel (@slotomania). In addition, you can get Free Coins delivered daily to your email inbox as well as your cellphone so you can always have fun!

Challenges, Extra Goodies and More!

We fully believe that a free jackpot slots app should not only be about playing jackpot slots. Casinos have so much more than slots to offer, it’s a whole experience, so why not bring that excitement to players… especially if they’re looking to go to the best casino slots app of all time? In Slotomania, you’ll have a huge range of extra goodies and opportunities to up your gaming experience, including — • SlotoQuests: are you ready for a slots adventure? Enjoy extra challenges, for extra prizes! • SlotoClans: join a ‘clan’ with other players, and get access to hidden games, extra bonuses and even more top-secret goodies every week! Join forces and win more! • SlotoCards: Discover amazing collection albums, each with its own story and design. Collect cards as you play, to fill your album for even MORE awesome bonuses and prizes! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

200+ of the best Las Vegas games, all in one top free casino slots app

Variety is the spice of life, right? That means, you want to know you won’t be bored playing. After all, what’s the point of a best free casino slots app if it doesn’t deliver daily excitement? In Slotomania, you’ll have access to the best of the best of Las Vegas, beamed directly to your mobile device or PC. And if that isn’t enough to spark your interest…there are always more awesome games added with every Slotomania update!

The Best Free Casino Slots App Is Waiting For You

But really — don’t just take our word for it! When it comes down to it, only you can decide what the best free casino slots app is for you…but, you only need to see how popular Slotomania is to understand that it is the best free slots app on iPhone, and the best slot app for Android! Being completely free to download and play (and worth 1 million in free cons and bonuses every 3 hours!), you really have nothing to lose when you check everything that Slotomania has to offer you. Check it out now and get playing the very best jackpot and free to play classic slots app of all time in just a couple of clicks. Get ready for thrilling moments every day!