SlotoClans: The New Way to Play Virtual Slot Machines

Slot machines have been a single-player game for a long time – you play by yourself, hit the ‘SPIN’ button by yourself… Even when you win, you celebrate it all by yourself. Well not anymore! Meet SlotoClans – Slotomania’s groundbreaking social feature that can make you share the fun & excitement of free to play slot machines with your friends, by creating your very own team of spinners.
It all started back in 2019, when the famous free-to-play slot app, Slotomania, decided to raise the bar and came up with an innovative idea – a new platform that will allow slot lovers the opportunity to play together. The idea was to create a new cool way to play by adding a whole new layer of fun and excitement, and you know a day without excitement is a wasted day – That’s how SlotoClans was born.
In SlotoClans people can chat with one another about anything they want! From gameplay strategies to learning new in-game tricks and even exchange recipes – yum! It’s an ultimate way to make new friends that share the same love for spinning – just like you. SlotoClans proves that slots can also be played as a social game, rather than a solitary one. The rules are simple (and quite fun): create a new Clan with some of your slot-loving friends or join an existing one – you have the option to meet amazing new people from all around the world to play with – as mentioned, part of the fun of SlotoClans is bringing people together. You can easily access the feature from the Lobby and find everything you need about your Clan: Starting with the name & logo, who are the members, who is the Clan leader and what are each teammate’s contributions, all the way to the Clan wall in which you can chat with the other members and of course, how close the Clan is to this week’s Clan key & reward chests – don’t worry, we’ll get to that later.
Now that you’re all set, all that’s left is for you to log on and start hitting that SPIN button! But wait – how exactly does one enjoy the help of friends while spinning a slot machine? Beating communal Clan challenges together, baby!
For example, a communal challenge can ask to complete 20 Daily Dashes (daily renewed missions) as a group. The thing is, every Slotomania player can only complete up to 3 Dashes per day. Meaning the whole Clan needs to embrace the mania and join forces – every player will try to complete as many Dashes as possible, so the overall amount of all completed dashes combined will reach 20. Once you reach the goal, the challenge has been beaten & the new Clan Points are yours for the taking! Booya!
Wait… But… What? What are Clan Points? Your Clan needs Clan Points to reach the Clan Key. It unlocks a chest full of virtual prizes that can be claimed every week whenever its counter reaches zero. The more Clan Points you earn during the week, the bigger and better the prizes will get. Each one of the members will enjoy these prizes once claimed, of course. A classic “all for one, one for all” situation, so you better spread the word among your musketeer friends.
The fun doesn’t stop there though – SlotoClans have so many fun features for you to explore! Remember the Clan chat? Besides being the perfect place to catch up with the other members, you can post funny stickers to express your mood and tell your Clan how you feel. You can also ask for a SlotoCard you need, EVERY day. That’s right – your Clan can help you complete your own SlotoCards Album – how cool is that?!
Not to mention the special ‘Clans Edition’ Albums in which you collect & complete the Album together as Clan – every time a Clan member gets a new card, it is automatically added to your Album as well… How awesome is that?!
On top of all that, you get to enjoy a special free Coin bonus whenever a fellow member completes an Album set – everybody wins from everybody’s wins! Friendship is all about communicating – word. There’s also the Clans SuperCup, which is another funtastic feature you would absolutely love! A time-limited race, in which 3 Clans out of 10 win a bunch of incredible rewards. Your Clan has 48 hours to earn as many Clan Points as possible in order to rank up. It’s the best opportunity for you guys to unite as a team and climb all the way to the top 3 places – Are you up for the challenge?
There is no doubt that SlotoClans is one of the pioneers in its field – it has taken an individual game and made it possible to enjoy with others. Furthermore, it has that added value, in which people from different countries around the world can meet online & play for the same cause. Another proof of concept that a family that plays together, stays together.