Slotomania Rewards Terms & Conditions

Slotomania Rewards (SR) is an exclusive VIP Club where you earn SR Points to gain special benefits. Registration and membership to SR is free of charge.


These SR Rules have been created to inform you about Playtika’s loyalty program: its rules, guidelines and important information for your gameplay, either via the websites, the social networks or the mobile application. By participating in SR, Members agree to be bound by these rules.

These SR Rules are an integral part of Playtika’s End User License Agreement (“EULA”). Accordingly, when you check the “I Accept” button or access or use the Playtika Services and games, you automatically agree to be part of our loyalty program. If you do not agree or are not comfortable with any part of SR Rules, please let us know by sending an email to

Playtika reserves the right to modify or revise these rules at any time, without notice to Members (as defined hereunder). Such amendments will become effective immediately upon being listed at It is the Members’ sole responsibility to review the rules, policies and conditions, and remain abreast of any changes.

The benefits of SR are intended solely for players, holding an account and registered, actively or automatically to SR (“Member”). A Member may not allow any other person to access his or her account. The only requirement to join SR is a valid Slotomania account with a registered email address. Joining is automatic for Members that meet this requirement. If you are not already a Member, to join SR all you need to do is to click the ’JOIN VIP CLUB’ button and follow the instructions. Joining SR, not via Facebook or Facebook Connect, requires your valid email address. If you are not already a Member, you may decide not to join SR and continue to enjoy playing Slotomania. In this case you will have SR status but you won’t enjoy its benefits.

SR Points have no virtual Coin value that you gain in the game for ongoing gameplay, as they are used to reach progression between SR statuses. There are 6 different SR statuses: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Royal Diamond. As you progress to a higher status, you will receive greater benefits on Coin packages and gifts. You can check your status by clicking the ‘Rewards’ tab or the ‘SR’ icon in the Lobby. Once you reach a certain status at SR, it will last until you reach the next SR status.

SR Points are earned by leveling up as you play and enjoy the Slotomania game, on special occasions and with every qualifying Coin package you purchase. Bigger Coin Packages reward you with more SR Points. The SR Points you receive from purchasing Coins also increases as your status progresses. Please note that purchasing Coin Packages must be done within the Slotomania game or via Facebook offers.

To find out how many SR Points you need in order to reach the next SR status, you can click the ‘Rewards’ tab or the ‘SR’ icon in the Lobby. That’s where you will see how many SR Points you have gained towards reaching the next status.

  • To Become A BRONZE

    a Member must earn
    between 0 and 649 SR Points.
    SR Point MultiplierX1

  • To Become A SILVER

    a Member must earn between 650 and 4,999 SR Points. SR Point MultiplierX2

  • To Become A GOLD

    a Member must earn between 5,000 and 34,999 SR Points. SR Point MultiplierX3

  • To Become A PLATINUM

    a Member must earn between 35,000 and 299,999 SR Points. SR Point MultiplierX4

  • To Become A DIAMOND

    a Member must earn 300,000 SR Points. SR Point MultiplierX5


    a Member must earn 600,000 SR Points. SR Point MultiplierX6


    TBD by Ron Finkelstein (Product)

Playtika may decide upon its sole discretion to add additional statuses to the above mentioned.

As you reach a higher SR status, the rate at which you earn SR Points increases:

SR Status  SR Point Multiplier
Bronze 1
Silver 2
Gold 3
Platinum 4
Diamond 5
Royal Diamond 6

SR Rewards include:

  • Coin Packages – Coin purchases made under the ’Buy Coins’ button or tab are multiplied according to your SR status.
    SR Points
    – the rate you earn SR Points will multiplied according to your SR status.
  • Coin Gifts – Free Coin Gifts from your friends will be multiplied according to your SR status – available on Facebook web and on mobile (only with Facebook Connect).
  • Free Spin Gifts’ Bet – when your friends send you a free spins gift, the bet on those free spins is increased from the initial bet of 1. Higher status will reward you with higher bets – available on Facebook web and on mobile (only with Facebook Connect).
  • Lucy’s Daily Gift – your Daily Gift from Lucy will be multiplied according to your SR status.
  • Wall Post Gifts – Coins you collect by clicking on your friends’ Facebook wall posts (of the type “First 5 clickers…”) will be multiplied according to your SR status (must be connected to Facebook).

    Examples of wall post gifts (sometimes referred to as “Share Post Gifts”) are posts that occur after leveling up, achieving a Mega Win, getting 5 of a kind, and winning a Bonus Round.

  • Fan Page Gifts – Free Gifts you collect from Slotomania’s Fan Page will be multiplied according to your SR status (must be connected to Facebook).
  • VIP Lounge Games – Get exclusive access to games in the VIP Lounge as you increase your status.


Kindly note that you cannot redeem or cash out your SR Points in any way. SR Points have no cash value. SR Points are specific to each account and are not transferable to any other account.

Members agree to allow Playtika the unconditional use of their name and likeness for promotions/advertising and announcements without compensation, consideration, notice, review, or further consent.

All decisions regarding the interpretation of SR Rules, eligibility, Rewards and benefits accumulation, etc. lie solely with Playtika whose decisions are final.

Playtika reserves the right to modify or cancel this SR at any time, for any reason, upon its sole discretion.

Playtika reserves the right to deny anyone participation in the SR or terminate anyone’s participation in the SR at any time in its sole discretion without recourse.

If any Member fails to comply with the SR or the rules of the EULA of the game in any manner, including violations of these rules, fraud, misrepresentation, improper conduct, violation of laws or any Member is or should be excluded from playing, all as determined by Playtika in its sole discretion, Playtika may terminate the Member’s participation in the SR. In lieu of termination, Playtika may, at its sole discretion, demote the Member’s account status or prevent him/her from the associated benefits of the status, but permit the individual to play.

If any provision of these rules is deemed invalid or unenforceable by law or regulation, such provision shall be deemed void only for the specific jurisdiction at issue, but all other provisions will remain in full force and effect.

In case of conflict or discrepancy between the English language version of these terms and conditions and the translated versions in all other languages, the English language version shall prevail.

If a Member remains inactive for a period of time as shall be decided upon by Playtika upon it sole discretion, Platyika reserve to right to prevent the Member from enjoying the benefits of his status.

No director, employee, consultant or agent of Playtika or any of its group of companies or its suppliers, vendors or white label partners is eligible to participate in any of the above promotions directly or indirectly, nor is any supplier or vendor. This restriction also applies to relatives of such persons and for this purpose ‘relative’ includes, but is not limited to, any of a spouse, partner, parent, child or sibling or another individual residing in a Member’s household.

You hereby agree to receive any communications or advertising from Playtika regarding this SR Rules including by electronic mail and SMS. Should you wish to “opt-out” of receiving communication from us at any time please let us know by sending an email to