Welcome to the Sloto Boss Family – Here’s All You Need to Know

Pssst… Hey you… Yeah, you! The big bad Sloto Boss, AKA Despicable Wolf, wants to welcome you to the family – The Slotomania family. Pretty exciting huh? Well, you know what they say: A day without excitement is a wasted day. Here is all you need to know before you go spin with the big bad boss. Sloto Boss is an incredibly diverse slot game and is the third “Social Lift” game by Slotomania, the #1 free-to-play slot machine app. Unlike other games, “Social Lift” games are made for you to cooperate & have fun with other spinners from all over the world! Once you’ll start the game, you’ll be asked to “take a seat” next to a virtual machine & see all other players near you… How cool is that?!

What’s a “Social Lift” Game Anyway?

Sloto Boss is Slotomania’s third “Social Lift” game, which added a whole new and funtastic layer of fun to free-to-play slot machines – you play with other people & each of the players’ actions affects all the ones you are playing with. Once you enter a game, you’ll see its lobby with available slot machines. Some are already taken by other players, some are unoccupied – all you got to do is pick yours & start playing. No slot available? No problem! Just switch to a new floor and let the games begin. You can actually see the profile pics of the rest of the people playing… Maybe you’ll meet someone you know!
Every Social Lift game has its own unique different mechanics, involving playing with spinners worldwide to succeed in the game. For example, in the first Social Lift game, “Ruby VS Pearl”, players are divided into 2 teams, each represents a fearless pirate. Players need to spin and break tiles in order to commit ‘Attacks’ and take over tiles from the opposing team. Another example is “Farm Fortune Molezilla”, in which pesky moles will try to raid your beautiful garden & you’ll need to keep them away by fighting them with fruit with other players – each player has a limited number of “lives”, and you need to work up with the team to scare off the moles & win the grand prize of virtual coins.
In Sloto Boss, all of you share the same purpose – collect as many diamonds on the reels as possible, in order to fill up the bar & get to the big boss’s Big Bad Bonus offer. That’s how the Bonus Offer base value is determined – The more virtual coins you wager, the higher the amount of your contributed diamonds, so you better keep up with the rest of the gang, if you don’t wanna end up wearing cement shoes, kapish?

Big Bad Bonus Offer

Now that we got the big boss’s attention, it’s time to enjoy his offer. All players in this slot will play for 6 rounds. In each round, a random player will get to choose among multiple vaults. Each one of the vaults will eliminate one of the offer’s possible multiplier. After the round is over – the boss will reveal his multiplier & you get to choose whether you would like to take that offer, or politely refuse and continue to the next round. Now, the boss can be harsh and give you a low multiplier… But he can also be very generous and will raise the bar a bit: If you’re lucky, one of his most loyal crew members will randomly boost an offer in one of the rounds, so make a wise decision about what deal you wanna grab as a virtual coin prize. Once you grab your prize, sit tight and let the others finish their business with the boss.

Free Spins

The Sloto Boss understands that family that a family that plays together, stays together. That’s why he wants to give you some free spins to enjoy. Trigger them by landing a few of the boss’s golden face icons while on the reels. You see, these will also contribute to the Boss Bonus, which can be collected when landing a special “COLLECT” icon. Make sure you keep your eyes on them & try to land as many as possible. You can never know what will today spin, y’know?

Free Spins Jackpots

OK, so here’s the deal, there’s another big win you and the other goodfellas can enjoy, so listen up carefully. While you get to have a go with the free spins, you may come across some of those boss’s golden face icons upon the reels, remember? But some of them are different. Very different. You see, some might have the words MINOR, MAJOR or GRAND under them. Every time you land one of these, they will fill 1 of 3 silhouettes. Once you get to fill all 3 – bada-bing, bada-boom! That jackpot is all yours! Just another way for you to understand how fun & exciting being part of the Slotomania family really is.
You see, being part of the family has all the perks and benefits you need. It’s a funtastic way to play with others & win LOTS of free coins. Welcome to the family, junior. You can be absolutely sure we’ve got your back covered. As the boss likes to say – a family that plays together stays together.